We are S&G!

A film production startup focused on brand advertisements and digital content, based in the cinema-adoring city of Chennai. We believe ads are more than just a marketing device. They are an opportunity to use our craft and creativity, in the medium of film, to tell a story. Your story.


The All-Star Crew

Srijith Pagalavan

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Everyone who’s passionate about film wants to become an actor or a director. Not Srijith. He’s in it for the process of filmmaking, to strategize, implement and make the right moves that balance client expectations with his team’s creativity. He puts the execute in Executive Producer.

Srijith is our Strategist.

George Emmanuel

Co-Founder, Creative Producer

When you start narrating a scene to George, he’s already pondering about the ways to light, frame and shoot it. This comes naturally to him. He’s always on his toes and a few steps ahead, figuring out the best way to bring our ideas to life while also doubling as a kickass editor and DoP.

George is our MVP.

Nikilav Venkatesh

Partner, Head of Content

A creative writer for all seasons, from DMs to screenplays. The guy who puts thoughts to words, who plays around with multiple ideas, who has an eye for spotting a good story, who manages our social media presence and who also wrote the copy for this website. Hello there.

Nikilav is our Playmaker.

Ajy Krish

Freelance Writer & Director

The captivating dialogue and brazen decisions that define Ajy’s body of work also define his personality. He could be a character in one of his vivid and gripping films. As a writer/director with casual flair and a knack for great scenes, Ajy adds a different shade to our palette.

Ajy is our Catalyst.


Stories we've told