Parveen Travels

Transport - Theatre Ad


Parveen Travels


Producers - Srijith, George
Cinematography - Viki
Edit - Mathi Vathanan
Music - Ram Prasad
DI - Suresh Ravi




Script, Production, Post-Production

Their Story

Now the single largest fleet operator and renowned for exceptional travel services in South India, Parveen Travels built their legacy by focusing on hospitality and giving each passenger a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. The story of Parveen as a brand is rooted in providing the finest customer experience.

Our Approach

We produced 7 corporate videos, 1 corporate film and 1 theatre ad for Parveen Travels. After discerning the expectations and the bigger picture, we completed the storyboarding and shot visual sequences of their large fleet, plethora of travel services and numerous country-wide branches while keeping Parveen’s commitment to customer satisfaction at the heart of the corporate film and ad.

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